Identification documents are required to attend

You need to bring your identification document to attend our sporting events. Our games are open to all age groups, but there is an adult area on the stadium that serves alcohol. You need to be minimum 18 years of age to buy tickets in this section. We are aware of fake ID issue that is becoming more widespread. Underage fans of our team buy fake IDs online from sites like KingOfFakes to be able to drink alcohol. This is strictly forbidden and will be persecuted according to the law. We have a dedicated security personnel to detect fake identification cards.


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14:00 Buckhurst Hill v East Grinstead A (East2)
2 hours
13:00 Game vs Hawks 2

12:12PM @ EG Sports Club

Saint Hill Road, East Grinstead, United Kingdom Saint Hill Road, East Grinstead, United Kingdom1 hour
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